Your Branding Starts With Recruitment

You spend a lot of time and money on your brand, creating the perfect image for your consumers. Colours, logos, slogans, philosophy, marketing, your building front, website, culture, client communications, everything plays a part. What many companies fail to realise is that your recruitment process is also a big part of your brand. When it comes to recruitment it can be all too eas y to focus on the expenses and demands, and forget that you are dealing with real people. Here’s how recruitment can impact your branding:

Your Branding Starts With Recruitment

People talk
Recruiters, candidates and staff will talk about their experiences in your recruitment process. If these people have a negative experience, or even an experience that doesn’t gel with the image you want your company to project, they will tell others. With social media at their fingertips, this chatter can potentially extend well beyond their close circle of friends. If you want to present a fun and friendly, then your company needs to reflect a fun and friendly image in all your relationships. If your company is aiming for a professional and trustworthy image, then you need to be professional and trustworthy in all of you relationships.

Recruiters make decisions based on their experiences with you
A good relationship with a recruiter is vital to a smooth and successful recruitment process. The better you are able to present and reflect your company’s brand, the better they are able to work with you towards finding the right employees. Recruiters will tell candidates their impression of your company culture to help those candidates make the right decision and shape their application techniques. Furthermore, if the recruiter has a good relationship with you they are also more likely to recommend you to quality candidates.

The staff you bring on board form your company’s culture
If your recruitment process only focuses on getting qualified candidates in the door, then you can be missing the vital step of attracting the people who will fit in with, and enhance, your company culture. As your company culture forms part of your brand, this is important. Your recruitment advertisements, interview questions, and onboard training should all include a focus on ensuring that staff buy into and will accurately represent your company’s brand.

The recruitment process is the foundation for employee engagement
High staff turnover is not good for a company. Disengaged employees, or staff who are present for nothing more than the paycheck, all have the potential to harm your company brand. This is why it is so important to convey the right message, right from the time that you put out the feelers for new staff. By generating a positive, engaging image that aligns with your company’s brand, you are creating the foundation for involved staff members to build on.

Handled correctly, your branding can be utilised as a recruitment tool
If you want to attract the right staff then presenting the right image on social media can create natural opportunities to enhance recruitment. People typically believe the image that it presented to them online. Your image has the potential to pique their interest to work with you. However, as per the previous points, If the recruitment process fails to live up to the presented image, this will reflect badly on your company.

It may not be something you put a lot of thought into, but your branding really does start with recruitment. In turn, your recruitment process can benefit from clear and appropriate branding that is accurately reflected in the recruitment experience.