(sourced from Linkedin)
  • Roger Argent,

    Wealth Management - Support Service Manager, IRESS Market Technology

    Sandra has always provided high calibre candidates for each position and we also value the time this saves the company when recruiting new staff.

  • Nicholas Gouliotis,

    Network Design Engineer, Telstra

    I have liaised with Sandra many times over the past 5 years. She is a consummate professional, who can confidently identify the qualities possessed by potential candidates, as well as the requirements of the end organisation and successfully place the right person in the right job

  • Testimonial #4,

    Georgina did an excellent job in helping me hire good quality Business Analysts for my team, whereby she understood the needs I had at the time, provided appropriate resumes of possible candidates to then helping me manage those resources from time to time when circumstances arose.

  • Testimonial #3,

    Georgina works diligently to gain knowledge of my needs, and expectations and regularly hits the mark with candidates. I know that when a resume comes through, not only will the skills be right but the cultural fit – the most important aspect for me – will be perfect.

  • Testimonial #2,

    Georgina She understands my requirements and ensures any candidate she puts forward is worth the time invested.

  • Testimonial #1,

    Throughout the years, Georgi has worked with me and my fellow colleagues to fully understand our resourcing requirements and has ensured that only the most suited were submitted for reviewal.