Our Promise


  • Our efficient processes mean that you will always have a stress free experience with Torch and we will never charge an administration fee, that’s what our Service Fee is for!
  • We will tell you the truth and have an open dialogue in regards to your career
  • We will do our utmost to find you the right position or assignment
  • We will have your best interests at heart and treat you with dignity and respect


  • As a client you can be assured that the candidates we provide are carefully selected, qualified and matched to your individual needs.
  • We will have honest and open conversations, if we are struggling we will let you know so we can work together to find a solution
  • We will act as brand ambassadors for your organisation
  • We will be committed to filling the hard roles when others have given up
  • It’s not about the fee, it’s about doing a good job and partnering with you